Debt Elimination… It CAN Happen!!

999692_10153035687685587_671072802_nSometimes it gets hard for us to see the end of a vision or goal, especially if it’s long term and/or abnormal.. but it sure helps when someone you know has accomplished something similar! Some good friends our age, Phil and Melissa, have an amazing story to share about completing their debt pay off goals. Let this be an encouragement to those paying off their debt or to anyone who thinks their goal is looking impossible!! Continue reading

How’d You Do Today?

IMG_20131125_074333Theoretically, and hopefully, every day we will be implementing at least one budget-saving technique – be it:

-resisting purchasing temptations or finding cheaper alternatives,

-homemaking meals or snacks,

-looking into cheaper rent options,

-learning how to coupon, or

-seeing how friends do budgeting.

Continue reading


DSC00366Freezer meals are great and are very similar to OMAWs but OMAWs are really my new favorite thing right now. What’s an OMAW? How does it work? Why are they my super fave?

The what and how of these “One Meal A Week”s are pretty self explanatory… you just make one meal a week. BAM. Continue reading

The Linde Grocery List

IMG_20140325_170758One of the biggest ways to cut spending while grocery shopping, besides making a list AND sticking to it, is making a GOOD list. I’ll preface with saying it’s not about writing down everything just so you don’t feel guilty about buying it all.  Continue reading

Walk-in Wednesday | Maria’s Freezer Meal Experience

IMG_20140221_085935My first memory of Maria was in the beginning of her freshmen year of college while we were walking out of the BCM building to go play capture the flag at midnight. I don’t know how but it came up that we both knew Mandarin, but we had a quick bonding moment before walking out the door. And by “we both knew Mandarin” what I really mean was it turned out that I only knew one sentence because I visited for a summer and she was fluent because she actually lived in China for part of her life – but I was excited to share my five words anyway. Continue reading

Walk-in Wednesday | Morgan’s Grocery Secrets

1384321_10151701622611570_12360378_nThis past summer, Morgan got married. A little while after she posted on FB that they were averaging $128/month in groceries for their first 3 months, including all food and household products. Which means, they were feeding themselves 2-3 meals daily on $2.00/day!

You might want to say that it’s beginners luck, but it’s more than a half year later and they are still nailing their grocery budget. After my nearly 3 years of being married and 11 months of hosting a community budget blog… well let’s just say I am not always down t0 $128… yet! Continue reading