Walk-in Wednesday | Caroline’s Thrifty College Tips

Fotor0319100541Caroline Linde. What else can I say other than… why is your name so close to mine?! I always tag the wrong person! Besides that, wow, what a champ. We have had some good times these past almost-6 years!! I can’t begin to explain the love here, so I’ll just let her share some frugal tips she’s learning in college. Continue reading

Walk-in Wednesday | Maria’s Freezer Meal Experience

IMG_20140221_085935My first memory of Maria was in the beginning of her freshmen year of college while we were walking out of the BCM building to go play capture the flag at midnight. I don’t know how but it came up that we both knew Mandarin, but we had a quick bonding moment before walking out the door. And by “we both knew Mandarin” what I really mean was it turned out that I only knew one sentence because I visited for a summer and she was fluent because she actually lived in China for part of her life – but I was excited to share my five words anyway. Continue reading

Walk-in Wednesday | Morgan’s Grocery Secrets

1384321_10151701622611570_12360378_nThis past summer, Morgan got married. A little while after she posted on FB that they were averaging $128/month in groceries for their first 3 months, including all food and household products. Which means, they were feeding themselves 2-3 meals daily on $2.00/day!

You might want to say that it’s beginners luck, but it’s more than a half year later and they are still nailing their grocery budget. After my nearly 3 years of being married and 11 months of hosting a community budget blog… well let’s just say I am not always down t0 $128… yet! Continue reading

Clothespins Aren’t Just For Clothes | Christmas Card Wreath

IMG_20131203_210844Copying is the biggest form of flattery, right? I’m not going to lie, I did not think about making a Christmas card holder wreath this year. My friend, craft blogging at The Cozy Nest, had a picture of dyeing clothespins the same night I was doing the Advent calendar out of clothespins, and she mentioned the wreath idea when I asked what they were for. Continue reading